And here is the final of this red jacket. I didn’t post any progress photos of this one because… ill admit i forgot too ^u^;;. 

This character is called umm wait i lot the name. Oh well i didn’t know what the anime was. Apparently its from a Murder anime? I hope it looks good ^u^.

Monday Oct 10 @ 12:02am

So here is the final for Rinoa’s Dress from Final Fantasy 8!

Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:54pm

Progress has been made OuO! I dont know why but i just LOVE making dresses OuO. 

Sunday Oct 10 @ 06:11pm

Working on the dress, i should finish this one hopefully fairly soon. 

Sunday Oct 10 @ 05:14pm


mini selfie photoshoot to show off my cosplay!!

These are just come selfies taken by Spookingers. SHE IS JUST SO CUTE! 

I just wanted to reblog to post it up on my cosplay outfits tag. 

Sunday Oct 10 @ 01:39am

So i wanted to update this, I NOW have FlutterShy, RainbowDash, AppleJack, Derpyhooves, PinkiePie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, VinlyScratch now available in my Etsy shop!!!! They are 25$ each plus 5$ for shipping so a total of 30$  ALL HANDMADE by me!

Etsy shop is right—->Here

Thursday Oct 10 @ 04:23pm

This is the bag the winner of my give away wanted me to create for them

It is a reversible Space/Prospit bag small size. 

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 02:13am

Progress: This is the last of my current commissions right now. horns added to the dragon cape and a blue cat hat as requested. 

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 06:03pm
Might be taking the night off

Hi everyone, i might be taking the night off, i am currently not feeling well. 

I promise all the people who have orders for specific dates that your stuff WILL BE ON TIME!

Monday Oct 10 @ 09:07pm

Scalemate is DONE, wooohoooo, next is a blue cat hat!!!!

Monday Oct 10 @ 04:28am
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