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All of this is ME

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:52am

Anonymous said: Thanks again! I'll be on the lookout for pics!

You are very welcome dear ^u^

Monday Jul 7 @ 10:20pm

Anonymous said: You're so nice, thank you T o T I'm very excited to see your pics, I'm learning how to do sailor skirts. So I would love to see pics once you get Junko progress. They're so hard to make!!

OuO, okay, ill do my best to get somme really good photos of that skirt for you then Ouo

Monday Jul 7 @ 10:18pm

Anonymous said: Oh wow, thank you so much! That's very kind!!

No need to thank me dear. I enjoy helping people. I know i taught myself everything i know, so i know it gets difficult ^u^;;

Monday Jul 7 @ 10:03pm

Anonymous said: You don't need to say anything! Haha I get really excited when you post progress, I'm learning to sew you see. So you're my favorite Senpai to learn from u////u

O///u///O, Well im always willing to offer help and advice, just ask if you ever need anything ouo

Monday Jul 7 @ 09:01pm

Anonymous said: Yes it is, and I cant want to see it! I'm such a big fan :3

jkfl;safijeafi , goodness you are killing me with these compliments. I dont know what to say ^///u///^;;

Monday Jul 7 @ 06:25pm

Anonymous said: The Latula sweater looks beautiful! I can't wait to see what you're working on next!

Oh my thank you, wow i think this is the first anon on have gotten on this blog. that makes me all giddy >w<. What i have next on my list is actually Junko from Dangan Ronpa. I personally have no idea about Dangan Ronpa, but i have made another outfit from the “game?” its a game right XD?

Monday Jul 7 @ 05:01pm

just going to say, gloves are hard as hell to make!

So this commissions is offically completed. I am going to go take it off my list of “working on” XD. 

Monday Jul 7 @ 04:04am

yea, just look at these quality photos.. mmmmmmhhhhmmmm, thats some good stuff right there. 

Monday Jul 7 @ 02:00am

more progress, yay!

sorry im actually tired XD

Just so you can see it with the turtle neck thing

Monday Jul 7 @ 01:02am
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