Progress: Panty Bunny Suit- I just finished the ears. so this outfit is completed. 

I will start on the next outfit on my list later tonight or tomorrow. 

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:26pm

Progress: Panty’s Bunny Suit, I now only have to make the headband with bunny ears. other then that the outfit is completed. 

Yes the bunny suit looks a little wonky on the mannequin, but that is because it has to be. There is a stick in the middle of the bottom sticking out so the crotch part has to be moved to the side. 

Monday Sep 9 @ 09:07pm

Progress: Panty’s Bunny Suit- Welp this is all the work i did today, it is offically past midnight my time, which means

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YEA AUG 30 IS MY BIRHTDAY, What this means for you my followers is that i will not being doing any work today. I am taking the day off. Please enjoy what i was able to get done on the Playboy bunny outfit. ouo

Saturday Aug 8 @ 12:27am

Progress: Panty’s Bunny Suit- These are photos i took a lot earlier today, the hand in the photo is my twin sister hand, she thought she would just ruin the photo. Instead i am posting it ouo. 

Saturday Aug 8 @ 12:23am
progress: Panty’s Bunny outfit- I just finished up the pattern, yes i am making a pattern for this outfit because it is such a skin tight outfit. 

progress: Panty’s Bunny outfit- I just finished up the pattern, yes i am making a pattern for this outfit because it is such a skin tight outfit. 

Friday Aug 8 @ 05:41pm

Anonymous said: your cosplays and sewing are amazing! :D do you have any advice for commissions and general selling on the internet?

Oh wow thank you dear, goodness all these compliments are making me so giddy, and for advice for selling. Thats a tough question. I kinda just went for it on my own not sure what i was really doing at first. The way i price stuff i do my best to judge how much it would cost me to buy the materials and how long it would take for me to make it. (for a full outfit —>) Say one outfit will cost me at least 30$ to buy all the materials. I would estimate time into it, Lets say it would cost me maybe 5 hours to make it. so i charge about 10$ an hour so 50$. Now we are at 80$. Now there is shipping, i will normally charge 20 bucks as an even rate for all shipping. because the box size and weight has to be calculate. If it goes over 20$ (which has only happened once and it went just 4$ over) I didnt ask my commissioner for any more money because its just 4$. As for how i get paid i use paypal. There have been a few people who have asked if i do any other payment methods, but i dont start on a commissions until i get money from my commissioner because i need the money to pay for the materials. Remember these are outfit you are buying and want, so you are buying the materials as well (i just go get them). I just make them. 

Friday Aug 8 @ 02:26pm

lenomestsophia said: Hello! I was looking at your lovely Crocker Fork bag, and wondered, how is the pattern attached? Would it crack over time, or is it printed/sewn on? Your work is all beautiful, hope to hear from you soon.

Hello dear. Im posting this publicly so everyone can see the answer. For all my bags i use simple DARK transfer Iron on (I can do a form of screen painting). The heart bag you can see on my bags page is actually my personal bag. I have had it for over a year to almost 2 years now. It has never cracked or peeled off, and im still using it. I do my best to make the bags extremely durable. The outside of the bag is made out of Duck cloth (normally in the outside fabric sections at craft stores) and the inside is normally just polyester/Cotten just the classic fabrics (unless i is a reversible bag i use Duck cloth on the inside as well). You can really use any fabrics you want.  and Thank you dear, it make me happy to hear that about my work ^u^. If you would like i can take a photo of my personal bag to show you it is still in great condition. 

Friday Aug 8 @ 02:16pm

snugwow said: You're Cheshire tote is totes amazing. Just Saying.

OH my thank you dear, I did not come up with the design for the bag, but i did make it ^u^;;. 

Thursday Aug 8 @ 09:30pm

These are the 2 bags that were commission from me that i just finished. (in these photos they do not have the pockets on them yet. but i promise they have pockets.)

Hope you like them. 

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:52pm

This is a revamp of the previous Junko commission. The tie i made before was to short, so i offered to remake the tie for them and here it is. I just sent it off for them. 

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:49pm
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