Open Slots

Alright everyone, My slots are all empty. I have only 5 slots so if you are wanting to order from me. NOW is the time to do it!!

I have a lot of free time right now so this would be a great time to give me some work. 

Hope you all have a great day. 

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 05:55pm

Bow i just finished for the Blake Belladonna commission. 

Monday Sep 9 @ 12:42am

Last few images for the Blake BellaDonna cosplay commission, sorry i don’t have a fake mannequin arm to use ^u^;;

Monday Sep 9 @ 12:18am

just some extra details im adding that the commissioner wanted. 

Sunday Sep 9 @ 11:55pm

This is for the Blake Belladonna cosplay commissions. Its honestly just ribbon wraped around the arm. I used my arm to demonstrate it. It can be wrapped around in any way you want. just make sure you can either tuck the ribbon under or tie it off and the top or the bottom or both to make sure it stays in place. 

Sunday Sep 9 @ 09:15pm

Progress: Blake Belladonna- So this outfit is basically done, i have to add the button to the jacket. I have just the arm guard thing to make now. Ill be shipping this outfit ASAP ^u^. I do apologize for the bad photo quality. 

Sunday Sep 9 @ 08:50pm

progress: Blake Belladonna: almost done, the Black jacket is done, shorts are done, i now have to finish the sleeves, shirt, scarf ouo

Saturday Sep 9 @ 06:08pm

Progress: Blake Belladonna- Hi i am sorry that my updates are really slow. I have been really sick and bad internet connection. We had some bad lightening strikes hit near us and it blew some of the breakers. But the black part is done. I am almost done with the shirt, and the shorts ARE FINISHED, i just have to take photos and add details to them ouo. 

Friday Sep 9 @ 11:56pm

Progress: Blake Belladonna- Most of this is held up by pins right now. I just wanted to show you all how it was coming along. The past 2 days it was storming extremely bad here. Its better today, but this is how the outfit is coming along. What do you guys think?

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 02:59pm
I have a very strong need to make this. 

I have a very strong need to make this. 

Sunday Sep 9 @ 07:53pm
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